Friday, September 28, 2007

No Blue-Eyed Whites in the nest box! :'(

I went out to the bunny barn with great anticipation early this morning, but Tahnee hadn't kindled yet. Once Corinne took her nap, I started working on a friend's web site and totally forgot about the expecting Mommy bunny. I did get a lot done with the web site though and I think it's starting to look good. She's a very talented artist and just needs to get her name out there. Anyway, when I realized I hadn't checked on Tahnee for awhile I ran straight out and pulled her nexting box out of the cage and she had 6 little kits. I am very happy she had 6 healthy babies, but I was really looking forward to a Blue-Eyed White one in the litter. I guess I'll have to wait for my next Lionhead litters. Pixie Dust just had a litter not too long ago and I expected some Blue-Eyed Whites in that litter as well, but it looks like my luck isn't going so well. Pixie Dust has some REALLY cute babies though (orange and white). I guess I must learn to be patient. :)