Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Selling Out

I made the tough decision to sell out my rabbitry completely. Unfortunately, our three year old daughter, Corinne, is very allergic to my bunnies. This wouldn't have been a problem a year ago, but we have since turned the old bunny barn into an office and the bunnies have been in a room in our basement. With our heat pump blowing the dander all around the house, it has been difficult for Corinne. I hope that someday when we are moved into our new house I will be able to begin breeding again.

I have met many wonderful rabbit breeders over the past 5 years. I am keeping my web site up and I'll still be answering e-mails and updating my site. My last litter was born a couple of weeks ago. I am enjoying the little kits, especially since it is my final breeding. They will be ready to go at the end of September.

I plan to take in rescues from time to time, but I can't have more than a few rabbits since they won't be able to stay inside the house.

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Aaron Riddle said...

While the bunnies are going away, Christie is migrating her business into the breeding of hedgehogs! Check it out at http://www.riddleshedgehogs.com.