Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bath for Bunny?

Full baths are never recommended for rabbits unless they are caked with mud or a dangerous substance like gasoline. It is very rare that a bunny will need a bath. Bathing your bunny is sometimes very dangerous.

Rabbits clean themselves very well and they will take care of small spots of dirt in their own time. I've had some white bucks that don't clean their face very well and occasionally I will have to give them a spot bath. I use a spray bath made for bunnies. You can also use a powder bath.

PLEASE do not get your bunny completely wet unless they have rolled in the mud or it would be dangerous for bunny if you do not clean him. A rabbit's fur takes a long time to get soaked in the wild and takes just as long to get dry. They are not made for getting soaking wet. Rabbits get too stressed when they are wet and can go into shock, have a heart attack or die from illness after getting cold/wet if not thoroughly dried.

If you bunny has a poopy butt (usually younger rabbits), you can either cut the fur around the anus or if that isn't enough then clean the area with a warm wet sponge. Be sure to always dry wet areas quickly with a hairdryer on low.

If your bunny is constantly getting dirty, you might need to look at his cage. If you are using a solid bottom, you may need to switch to a wire bottom to keep bunny clean. The litter box might need to be changed more often. You might need to clean the urine guards or feeder more often.

"But my bunny likes to get a bath." Did your bunny tell you that? Remember bunnies usually get very still when they are nervous. Just because he is not protesting it does not mean that he is enjoying it.

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