Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Litter Box Training

Rabbits are usually surprisingly easy to litter box train.

Rabbits can be litter box trained at any age, but it is generally easier to train them once they are older.

Step 1: Wait until you can determine which area the bunny uses as his/her "potty". If you can't determine this yet, the bunny is too young.

Step 2: Place a litter box in that corner of the cage and fill it with bedding. I recommend wood pellet bedding. Add some of the droppings to the litter.

Step 3: Move the box if the bunny changes his/her potty corner. Usually they start using it right away.

It is pretty simple. The biggest mistake people make is putting the litter box in too soon and then it is usually used as a bed instead. If this happens, it is probably best to turn that litter box into a bed and buy a different one to be used as the potty. I've never had a bunny I couldn't train.

Not all litter boxes work for all bunnies. Some litter boxes are too shallow. If you find that there is urine close to the box but outside of it, then you may need to buy a box with higher sides. The bunny might he half in and half out of the box while eliminating.

As I said, I recommend wood pellet bedding to be placed inside the litter box. Cat litter is not safe if eaten and I've tried the scoopable litter designed for rabbits and it does not work well. The scoop does not catch the small pellets, so it has to be changed very often and it is very expensive.


Danielle said...

My rabbits are easy to litter box train too(lucky for me :-) I had one rabbit in the house that was a friend to my guinea pig and I would let them out of the cage and if they had to "go" they would just hop back into the cage. I did not even need a litter box for them.

Christie Riddle said...

Rabbits will naturally train themselves to go potty in the spot they choose. Some people want to make cage cleanup a little easier, so they put a litter box inside the cage. :) Rabbits are very smart and will usually hop back to the spot they use as the bathroom.