Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Vanodine - Great for Everything!

It's wonderful to find a product that is so useful for many different things. I had always heard about how great Vanodine is, but I didn't realized it until a breeder gave me a little bit for a rabbit sold to me with some sore spots behind the ears. Once I tried it I was hooked.

Vanodine is a pet friendly product that is used for general disinfecting. It is also used to keep wounds from getting infected, good for sore hocks and can be put in drinking water to clean out watering systems and bottles. It's good for ringworm and respiratory infections, too. It can be used in a misting system to keep everything germ free. It is a wonderful product to clean nesting boxes with. It is completely safe and so useful in a rabbitry. It does contains Iodine though, so it will temporarily discolor a white rabbit.

Here are ways to put Vanodine V18 to good use:

General disinfectant for cleaning - 3 tsp/gal
Spray for wounds, eyes and nose - 1 tsp/gal
Drinking water - 0.5 tsp/gal
Misting - 1.5 tsp/gal

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